About Us

The Misty Mountain Bakery Cafe began its journey from a humble bakery shop, way back in the early 1900’s. Misty’s Bakery was a very popular and traditional bakers. Un-tampered ingredients, baked in a coal fired oven made bread of unforgettable quality and taste. A forgotten skill that was taken from the nation by supermarkets and irresponsibly turned into, the very cheap, mass produced and over manufactured product we are generally offered today .

Misty Mountain Bakery Cafe provides the dessert that is the perfect compliment to any meal. One taste will bring you back to Custom Cakes premier bakery for more. Misty Mountain Bakery Cafe not only has delicious cakes, cupcakes and desserts, but an assortment of culinary utensils. And if you are looking for a unique gift, come in and choose from our fantastic selection. Misty Mountain Bakery Cafe offers the largest variety of modern, floral, traditional, fantasy, classic, romantic, whimsical, and theme wedding cakes.
Learn how to pipe a basket weave wedding cake or learn how to ate your own square wedding cake, featured in an easy-to-read format with stei-by-step pic ures and instructions.Find cake recipes from all over the world. They represent the culinary se. Making up this fondant drape wedding cake style, with gumpaste hydriingea.